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    We are an online cryptocurrency exchange office where you will pay for cryptocurrencies with fast transfer.

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    We provide you with an encrypted Bitcoin wallet. With it, deposits and withdrawals will be safe and free.

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    The connection to the server is encrypted (SSL) using a 256-bit key - just like at your online bank.

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A few reasons why you should choose a bitcoin exchange - Bitcan
  • Secure wallet

    You can store your funds on the secure, encrypted Bitcoin wallet that we provide you with.

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    We act fully legally, immediately adapting security procedures to changes in Polish law.

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    Thanks to the highest volume of trading, we offer the best exchange for both sale and purchase of cryptocurrencies.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Bitcoin?

    Bitcoin is the safest digital currency and has all of the following characteristics:

    • independence - it is not issued or controlled by any governments, institutions, organizations, companies or individuals; this means that bitcoin is the first digital currency that belongs solely to their users and they are the ones who uphold its security and correctness of settlement,
    • openness - the source code (remember it's a digital currency) is open to anyone, you can review it, propose changes to it,
    • decentralization - bitcoin network consists of tens of thousands of computers called nodes; any user with internet connection and adequate disk space can create his own node; but to enjoy the possibilities of bitcoin you don't have to create your own node, you can just buy one
    • public nature - in bitcoin, no person is directly linked to any bitcoin address, so the system is said to be pseudo-anonymous. This, on the one hand, gives the user the possibility of high privacy, and on the other hand, makes the whole system still verifiable,
    • resistance to censorship - no one can ban, block or undo specific transactions within the bitcoin network; transactions are irreversible; bitcoin is simply immune to interference from any governments, organizations and institutions.

    Bitcoin transactions have no geographical restrictions; you can send bitcoin freely to anywhere in the world, and vice versa - receive bitcoin deposits from anywhere in the world - without intermediaries (such as banks), quickly and anonymously.

    Bitcoin is legal not only in Poland but also throughout the European Union. In most countries it is a legal form of payment on the Internet, and e.g. in Finland, Germany, and Switzerland bitcoin is officially recognized by the state and institutions as a means of payment.

  • How does Bitcoin work?

    Bitcoin is a digital currency. For the purposes of this explanation, we will compare it to "cryptographically secured gold ducats". All bitcoin transactions are recorded simultaneously on many thousands of computers. This means that there are tens of thousands of copies of the log of all bitcoin transactions.

    This makes bitcoin secure, and there is no way to copy, erase, undo, or falsify either the number of transactions or their value, because any such change would have to take place on tens of thousands of computers simultaneously.

    Each of the computers (they are called nodes) checks each bitcoin transaction so that we do not have to use any expensive intermediary, such as a bank or other financial institution, as a guarantor of its correctness and proper execution.

    These computers (nodes) are the equivalent of a banking network - they form a cohesive system for overseeing the proper trading of the digital currency bitcoin. It is as if each computer (node) was a branch of a bank - on the one hand it executes transactions ordered, on the other - together with other branches - it constantly checks their correctness.

  • How much does Bitcoin cost?

    Bitcoin is the most valuable currency in the world. As we write this article, the price of 1 bitcoin is equivalent to about 60,000 USD. While one Euro costs only 4.51 PLN.

    The high price is due to the limited number of bitcoins, high security and anonymity, lack of transaction intermediaries (e.g. banks) and resistance to manipulation by governments, organizations and institutions.

    Fortunately you don't have to buy the whole bitcoin, you can buy part of it, because bitcoin is divided into as many as 100 000 000 satoshi or Satoshi. So you can buy 100 satoshi or more depending on how much you want to spend.

    At Bitcan you always have the latest bitcoin exchange rate.

  • Bitcoin - where and how to start?

    If you're asking yourself this question and you're reading this information, we have great news for you - by visiting the Bitcan cryptocurrency exchange you've already made a good start.

    On our blog you will find answers to many questions that bother you. Some of them will be answered briefly in this FAQ and we will tell you where to look for more comprehensive information.

    Bitcan is always at your service. If you have any questions, write to us on Facebook or contact us by email. You can also chat with us.

    If you are determined to start your adventure with bitcoin, start by setting up an account. Registration of an account with Bitcan is free and doesn't oblige you to anything.

  • How do I buy Bitcoin?

    If you don't have an account at Bitcan cryptocurrency exchange yet, start by registering and verifying your identity - for security reasons we need to be sure that it is you who is registering.

    On the main page you will find an intuitive guide, which will show you step by step how to quickly and safely buy bitcoin at Bitcan.

  • How to sell Bitcoin?

    If you have bitcoins, e.g. in your hardware or mobile wallet, cryptocurrency exchange is an ideal place to sell them - with us you will do it quickly and safely.

    Start by creating an account at Bitcan and verify your personal data.

    In your admin panel choose Send BTC to your wallet, then click on Send BTC to your wallet. Further steps will be prompted by the system.

    If you have bitcoins in your account at our exchange office and you want to sell them, for example exchange them into PLN, you will find comprehensive instructions with graphics on our blog. Use the express transfers if you want your money to be in your account in 30 seconds (available for 17 of the most popular banks).

  • How to store Bitcoins?

    A cryptocurrency wallet is required to store bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. There are two basic types of wallets: so-called cold wallets and hot wallets.

    The safest way to store bitcoin are cold wallets. They are characterized by the fact that they are located on apps or devices without direct internet access.

    More flexible are the so-called hot wallets, which are applications that store BTC installed on devices connected to the Internet (computer, smartphone, tablet). Hot wallets are easier to set up and use, but on the other hand, like any other application, they can be vulnerable to attacks by thieves.

  • How to get a bitcoin wallet?

    Cryptocurrency wallets are available online as mobile or web (computer) applications. Popular wallets for the computer include Electrum and Blockstream Green, among others.

    Examples of mobile wallets include the Green Wallet mobile app, Edge or Aqua.

    Cold wallets, which offer the highest level of security, are ordered from their manufacturers. The most popular wallets of this type are among others devices manufactured by TREZOR and Ledger.

    The decision to choose the type of wallet is entirely up to you. Bitcan does not recommend or advertise specific wallet solutions.

  • I want to start investing in bitcoin. Where should I start?

    The best place to start is by gaining some basic knowledge about bitcoin and investing in this cryptocurrency. It is worth spending some time to avoid making unnecessary mistakes.

    If you don't have an account with Bitcan now is a great time to create one and start investing with us.

  • Is Bitcan worth using as a cryptocurrency exchange?

    It is definitely worth it. Here are a few reasons why:

    • we are a legally operating cryptocurrency exchange - Bitcan
    • the company Bitcan Sp. z o.o. is registered on the list of Small Payment Institutions of the Polish Financial Supervision Authority (KNF),
    • thanks to implementation of client identity verification (KYC) and anti-money laundering (AML) procedures we provide you with risk and fraud free transactions,
    • transactions are processed quickly thanks to cooperation with banks and payment institutions,
    • you have our support from 8:00 to 21:00,
    • you don't need any expertise to buy and sell bitcoin at Bitcan, we work like any other stationary currency exchange, only online

    If you are already convinced - register an account at, if you have questions contact us on Facebook or write us an email.

  • Is the cryptocurrency exchange safe?

    Yes, we care about your safety, among other things, from the technical and legal side.

    Technological safety

    We secure the website of Bitcan with the same SSL 256 security protocol which is used by banks. It is symbolized by a padlock visible in the web address of Bitcan and your bank.


    • we use biometrics for identity verification
    • we use advanced systems to monitor high-risk transactions using artificial intelligence (AI),
    • you can activate two-factor authentication (2FA) when logging into your account, this way you will protect it against unauthorized logging attempts by other persons
    • we use SMS codes to confirm transactions.

    We also use other monitoring systems which, for security reasons, run in the background to further enhance the protection of your transactions.

    Legal safety

    • we act legally, according to Polish and EU law - the Bitcan Sp. z o.o. company is registered on the list of Small Payment Institutions of the Polish Financial Supervision Authority (KNF).
    • thanks to the introduction of identity verification (KYC) and anti-money laundering (AML) procedures we minimize the chances of high-risk transactions.

  • Why do I have to undergo identity verification to buy or sell cryptocurrencies in

    Bitcan operates on the basis of regulations and directives which are in force in Poland and in the European Union and which aim, among others, to protect as much as possible the safety of people making financial transactions on the Internet.

    In order to provide you and your transactions with an appropriate level of security, bitcoin exchange has introduced a verification of clients' identity (KYC) and procedures protecting against money laundering (AML).

    Verification is simple: you take a picture of your ID or passport and a picture of your face using a special application available in your panel. The application sends them to us and we check the correctness and compliance of the data. You will receive information about the verification result within a few minutes.

    You will undergo identity verification once, before making your first transaction. Why is it necessary? So that we can ensure the safety of you and other users. You also show your ID to the bank.

  • How long does KYC/AML verification take?

    The verification that we ask you to do after you open an account at KYC takes a few minutes - that's all the time it takes for you to send us all the necessary information and for us to check its correctness.

    On working days, Monday through Friday, from 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. and on weekends from 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. verification takes a few minutes. Outside business hours the waiting time may be longer, up to several hours.

  • Someone I don't know is urging me to buy bitcoin at cryptocurrency exchange and promises a quick profit. What should I do?

    This is the most common cryptocurrency scam scenario: a stranger convinces you to buy bitcoins and asks you to send them to his wallet address and promises a quick and easy profit.

    A wallet address is the equivalent of a bank account number.

    Often scammers use public figures to promote fraudulent actions. Dick Smith and Andrew Forrest and other celebrities have already been used in this way. Sending cryptocurrencies to a cryptocurrency wallet other than your own simply means losing the bitcoins you bought and the money you bought them for. does not cooperate with any financial advisors, consultants, online stores, classifieds or auction services.

  • Why can't I buy Bitcoin through mBank?

    At you can make transactions (deposits and withdrawals) with 21 banks. Unfortunately one of them, mBank, has different rules.

    mBank's policy towards all companies - exchanges - which allow the sale and purchase of cryptocurrencies and their clients is very restrictive; mBank blocks all transfers aimed at buying BTC on exchanges. The direct reason for this approach is the frequent fraud attempts committed by pseudo companies offering quick and easy profits. When mBank changes its rules we will add it to the list of cooperating institutions.

    The easiest way to avoid this problem is to use another account at another bank or open an account at another bank for bitcoin buying/selling transactions. At Bitcan cryptocurrency exchange we accept deposits and withdrawals from over a dozen banks.

    Remember that safety of your money is our priority, that's why Bitcan additionally verifies transactions which may raise doubts; we want to make sure that nobody tries to extort money from you.

  • Can I buy bitcoins with BLIK?

    Yes, in Bitcan cryptocurrency exchange you can buy bitcoins and pay with BLIK from banks which allow this possibility, except mBank, bank Pekao S.A. and Alior Bank. The latter bank allows such transactions once every dozen or so attempts. As in the case of mBank, this is a result of the policy implemented by these banks to cooperate with the bitcoin market.

  • Can I cancel an already sent bitcoin payment?

    Unfortunately not. This is due to the nature of the bitcoin network and specifically to one of the five fundamental characteristics of bitcoin - resistance to censorship (you can read about other characteristics of bitcoin in What is bitcoin?). Neither Bitcan nor any other person, company, institution or organization can interfere in bitcoin transactions.

    This means that when ordering a BTC withdrawal you must be sure to enter a valid bitcoin wallet address.

    Sending cryptocurrencies to an incorrect cryptocurrency wallet simply means you will lose your bitcoins and the money you bought them with.

  • What is an e-ID?

    It is an Polish ID with an electronic layer. An electronic layer means that the e-ID has an embedded chip invisible to the naked eye. Thanks to this chip, the e-ID can be used as a proximity card, in which case the reader will electronically read the information stored in it.

    If you made a new ID card after March 4, 2019, you definitely have an e-ID. It looks almost the same as the ID cards issued until March 3, 2019, but it has an additional piece of information - the CAN number. You will find it in the lower right corner on the first page of the document; this number is also written in the barcode on the back of the e-ID.

    In order to use the electronic layer of the e-ID, activate it in the office when receiving the document. At the same time set a PIN code for it. You can also do this upon receipt, in the office, but this will require an additional visit.

    The e-ID card looks like the one pictured below:

    edowod lupa.png

  • Can I verify my identity with the eDO App?

    If you have an e-ID with an electronic layer you can use it to confirm your identity at Bitcan cryptocurrency exchange. For this you will need the eDO App, issued by PWPW. You can download the app for smartphones:

    • from the Google Play store for Android, or
    • from Apple's App Store for iOS. The tablet app is not yet available.

    For verification you will need:

    • a smartphone with the eDO App installed,
    • your e-ID,
    • PIN code for your e-ID.

    Already have everything in hand? Let's start the verification!

    1. After registering your account with Bitcan and logging into your dashboard, select e-proof verification in the eDO App. The QR code will be visible on the screen for 3 minutes. During this time, you need to scan it with your phone in the eDO App or enter it into the app manually.
    2. Launch the eDO App on your smartphone and select one of two options: "Scan QR Code" or "Transcribe Number".
    3. After scanning the code, in the "Institution Name" section, you will see:
      • Litpay Sp. z o.o.,
      • your details are necessary to confirm your identity on our site. If everything matches, click "CONFIRM."
    4. The application will ask you to enter your CAN number. You will find it in the bottom right corner of the e-ID.
    5. Attach the e-ID to the antenna on the back of your phone, right next to the camera. You have 55 seconds to do this. Do not move the proof!
    6. Enter the PIN code into the application. You gave it to the office when you were collecting the e-ID.
    7. After correct verification you will see a confirmation in your Bitcan account panel.

    If you have any questions, feel free to write to us on Facebook or contact us by email. You can also chat with us, we are always at your service.

  • Why was my transaction cancelled and what happens next?

    The most common reason for a transaction to be cancelled is that the deposit took longer than it should have to reach us. This means that the funds you transferred to us were not credited within 10 minutes from the moment the transaction was initiated. A common cause of delays in transferring funds to pay for a transaction is a delay by banks. Neither you, nor we have any influence on that. Attention! We cannot re-transfer a cancelled transaction, you just need to make a new one, keeping in mind the 10-minute deposit window.

    Why only 10 minutes?

    You may be wondering why you only have 10 minutes to pay for a transaction. We do this to protect you from the consequences of cryptocurrency exchange rate fluctuations, such as a surge in the rate (price) and demand for bitcoin. We care that you always get what you want at the price you accepted.

    For cancelled transactions we will return the money to your bank account

    If you paid for a transaction after the scheduled time, don't worry - the money will be returned to your bank account. You will shortly receive a refund email from our payment partner Tpay.

    If you have not yet received the refund email and the funds have not returned to your account, you can contact Tpay for more information about the refund.

    What now?

    • Wait for your refund or
    • Order a new transaction now,
    • and pay within 10 minutes.

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